My chambers are located in the West Midlands, easily accessible from the M1,M5,M6,M40 , M42, A34 and A38.They are for my use and that of my clients. They are not rented or shared. Free public car parking is available less than two minutes walk away.

As you will see from the pictures on this site, I have a keen eye for style and detail. Three generously sized and differently equipped rooms offer uncluttered space for a wide variety of scenarios to enact your wildest fantasies. In addition, by November 2013, I will have an underground isolation cellar, for which I am taking bookings now!



My wide range of equipment includes suspension frames with swing, cages, bondage and caning bench, whipping cross, stretching rack, gynaecological chair, medical and electrical apparatus. Above all, I have just installed a state of the art, wonderful and wicked “ARSE DESTROYER” to fulfil your weirdest wishes. Wimps need not apply!

To accompany my extensive range of equipment, I have a collection of rubber clothes and body bags, cat suits, leatherwear.

Dildos, strap ons and butt plugs of all varieties, whips and canes also available. For the more adventurous who want “the real thing” in house trained TV’s or slaves can be arranged by appointment.  

Overnight confinements are available for those wanting to satisfy kidnap fantasies or requiring serious/ prolonged discipline

Sessions with me are safe for consenting, sober adults only. We will agree in advance on the type and severity of the domination or discipline that you require: I can be as humiliating, cruel or savage as you require but within the limits of the law.

I love all fantasies and/or role playing. I can be a Judge, policewomen, doctor, nurse, headmistress, teacher or just a plain bitch.

While I am well equipped, you are welcome to bring along anything for you or me to wear as well as any instruments that you would like me to use on you.

I like to build up sessions gradually in order that your tolerance to torment or pain increases incrementally.  In this way you will arrive at a climax at the end of your allotted time and not mid way through the session.

Most important

I do not offer sexual contact with me. Please do not disappoint or embarrass yourself by requesting or begging for it. If you require such contact, I am not for you!

I place emphasis on personal hygiene, mine and yours. Bath/shower facilities are available for you to freshen up.

You can be assured that all clothes, equipment and instruments are thoroughly cleaned to hospital standards at the end of each session.


Generally, I am available to provide services from Monday to Friday during office hours only. In special circumstances, out of hours sessions may be arranged subject to one month’s notice.

Sessions are for a minimum of one hour. Group sessions are available.

Advance bookings are essential. Failure to give early warning of inability to meet your booking will result in permanent exclusion from my premises.

Casual callers will not be entertained